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BriskProject is a simple yet powerful hierarhical project management tool, which will help you be in control of your project.


Download BriskProject



BriskTodo is a free, small and yet efficient tool for accurate personal time tracking and task management.


Download BriskTodo


Ruler is a simple, open source Java application which can be used to measure different components on screen, but it also can be used as an example of solving different problems in swing (like a draggable window or creating your own resize window component)



Download Ruler


FormPers. Persistence for servlet-based automatic web forms, supported databases are: MS SQL, MySQL and built-in embeddable HSQLDB.


Download FormPers


Uploader. A small tool that could be used to upload a directory tree to a remote FTP server. It works fast, because it uploads only new files and files that were recently modified.