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You can move tasks up and down, up is considered higher priority, by pressing Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down, poping up a menu or clicking on these buttons:

Move up and down buttons

You can add and remove optional fields to the list by clicking on options button, then selecting those fields:

enabling fields options

You can sort by added fields, just click on field's header:

sorted timesheet task list

To have reverse sort - click again on the same header, to go back to priority sort, click on "manual sort" button, or one more click to the header.

By clicking on Details tab, you can edit additional Notes for the task, set deadline and ETA for it and view how much time you have spent working on it:

task running details

To start a task you should click on button "Start" in Details tab, then you'll see that timer becames pink and "Start" button is transformed into "Pause" button, by clicking on the same button you can pause and resume task. If you finished task then click on "Task Done" button and next task will be loaded. If "autostart next task" is selected in options, then your task will start automatically.

BriskTodo can also autostop task if you have left your computer or forgot to click on "pause", by detecting mouse movements. To enable it you should click on options and select it:

setting autostop interval

then choose an interval after which task will be paused and you'll be prompted to continue it:


By clicking on "history" button you'll se monthly report, with possibility to navigate to previous/next month and to see how much you have worked each month and each day. By clicking on "generate report" button you'll be able to generate a text file report for a given period of time.

You can Download and use BriskTodo for free right now.