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List of what's new BriskProject 0.83:

New features:

  • Now it is possible to set user as filter in report
  • New daily report
  • Possibility to access user report from user panel

Bug fixes:

  • Data exchange problem was fixed
  • Messages were marked as new when you just viewed them, now only new and modified messages are marked

Known issues:

  • When two users concurrently work on the same task in the task tree is shown the time only of the user who latest updated data to server, while in report everything is normal.

List of what's new BriskProject 0.80:

New features:

  • shared tasks: possibility to share a task tree among users which can't see each other
  • showing of new tasks: now new tasks or tasks which were modified are highlighted with special orange icon, which goes back to normal after it is viewed.
  • start, pause, task done actions were added to dropdown menu
  • ability to reopen tasks
  • Bug fixes:

  • content of message was disappearing when task was auto-stopped
  • fixed task delivery problem on server side
  • time synchronization between client and server was fixed
  • in the finished tasks, it was impossible to see the message history
  • algorithm in full data request was fixed
  • Known issues:

  • On Linux in multiple workspace environments, continue button doesn't always work correctly when task is auto paused.
  • When sharing a task, then removing share and sharing it's child it doesn't show task subtree but instead it shows share handler.

    Please read quick start instructions here.

    You can download beta version here. There is a free version for personal use available.