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23/10/2009 A small bugfix release of BriskProject

28/06/2009 We anounce the alpha testing of our new product ResoMail we're halting all other projects in favour of this product

17/05/2006 Third beta of BriskProject is released. New reporting features were added. Please read what's new for more details.

14/04/2006 Second beta of BriskProject is launched. Please read what's new for more details.

05/04/2006 New version 0.10 of Uploader is available now. It is a bug fix release.

25/01/2006 JSlope launches beta testing of BriskProject a simple and yet powerful project management tool.

30/09/2005 New version 0.9 of Uploader is available now. It has improvements to user interface and usability.

25/09/2005 JSlope launches free timesheet software BriskTodo

21/09/2005 JSlope releases free open source Ruler software. It can be used as an example of solving swing problems.


ResoMail is our main product. It's an alternative mail system based on cryptography, providing a private and secure mail for confidential and sensitive correspondence.